Services and Support


Getting clarity on where you and your organization stand is critical to better understanding the varying nuances of building relationships and providing adequate support for your prioritized stakeholder groups. This service includes:

  • Evaluation and assessment of your organization's understanding and implementation of equitable and inclusive practices and policies.

  • Recommendations for DEI development and responsible community engagement.

  • Resources and templates for continual internal team development 


Whether your goal is to create a strong case for support to solicit funding, or to revamp your common language to be more inclusive, the words you put on paper need to match the actions you'll be taking. This service includes:


  • Language review, and feedback based on prioritized stakeholder group expectations. 

  • Evaluation and assessment of your current internal and external interpersonal standing, alongside your current mission and impact statement

  • High-level landscape analysis for soliciting a more diverse constituent base.

  • Proposal for staff and stakeholder DEI development.


Starting or managing a small business is far from an easy task and even the greatest of intentions can lead to the development of a toxic work culture or engagement norms. DEI based business development can help you to create and run a business that you can be proud of, and others can believe in. This direct support service includes: 

  • DEI coaching and implicit bias training.

  • Strategic plan analysis and advising.

  • Ideation and project planning sessions.

  • Bi-Monthly check-ins.

  • Access to the small business resource library.

"It's not enough to just have a DEI statement on your website or use the Black Lives Matter hashtag. You have to get to work examining yourself, the culture you exist in, and how your actions contribute to the harm or liberation of others. Greatness is only possible when we prioritize radical reflection and direct, intentional work."
 -Brilliance Jones, Founder &CEO, Bridging Allies, LLC