We are committed to anti-racism.  

We are committed to The People.

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Statment:


Briding Allies Consulting is an anti-racist organization. We choose to work in the Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion space because we understand that those are all key elements to engaging in the journey to anti-racism for many individuals, organizations, and groups.


As an organization founded and run exclusively by a Black woman, we reserve the right to explicitly engage with individuals and organizations who are committed to this specific journey and the uncomfortable awakening experience that comes along with racial identity development. 

As a lifetime activist, it's always my intention to make space in every setting I'm in to challenge the status quo by acknowledging race and racism. You have to keep in mind, most of the policies and ideologies that permeate businesses and classrooms were developed with Black folks intentionally not included or as a mechanism to prevent entry into common spaces traditionally reserved for wealthy white folks. 


If we want to really have a positive impact on everyone, we must start by identifying the role that race plays in individual and organizational interactions, and actively deconstruct every piece that supports it, everywhere we go."

                 Brilliance Jones, Founder & CEO of Bridging Allies Consulting



The four pillars of our work

  • Learn to Unlearn. We believe that only by growing our understanding of the ways in which anti-Blackness and white supremacist disillusion permeate all facets and systems foundational to this country, will we be able to disrupt and dismantle the policies and politics that feed its ability to continue perpetuating harm against Black and Indigenous People of Color. 

  • All Power to the People. We believe in the abolition of spaces, policies, and procedures that siphon power and resources from the people within a community in order to create a hierarchy of oppression and white normative values based harm. We actively seek opportunities to push for the redistribution of power to the people. 

  • Follow the Leaders. History teaches us that the people and groups who directly experience the impact of systemic oppression have been on the front lines of creating real and effective change because they understand the complexities the issue presents, specifically to their community. We believe that it is the job of folks outside of that to utilize their resources in support of movements that are already happening, founded by the community, for the community. 

  • Anti-Racism IS the Work. The policies, procedures, laws, and politics of this country were all rooted in anti-Black racism, so inevitably, the problems we are experiencing are a result of that root. In order to create solutions that are sustainable and actually move the needle, we must always utilize a critical race lens and establish solutions with the race in mind.


"The abolition of slavery and Jim Crow laws were seen as impossibly radical and revolutionary not so long ago. With that in mind, I take pride in knowing that this type of introspective, boldly anti-racist, and direct impact consulting and coaching I provide may ruffle a lot of feathers. When history is shared with the next generation, my goal is to be known as a Black Woman who unapologetically and authentically showed up every day to fight for her people.


That's it. That's my goal."

                 Brilliance Jones, Founder & CEO of Bridging Allies Consulting

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